August 29, 2014

Q: What's worse than camping with a diarrhea-ridden child?


A: Camping with TWO diarrhea-ridden children!


It all started out so nicely.  Yes, we had the regular pre-trip balagan:


How many snacks can I have

No I want popcorn

I won't eat that sandwich if it has to...

February 14, 2014


Today is the best Valentine's Day I've had in years. And my husband isn't even here yet.


He’s been gone for just over a week, sucked into the polar vortex that is the Northeast USA. He’s in the armpit of the universe, otherwise known as New Jersey. I am at home with t...

July 21, 2013

I am a chocolate cake kind of a girl. Gooey. Fudgy. Multi-layer. Frosting-heavy.


Three weeks after meeting my husband, when I was still pretty sure that he was just a (very) sexy Israeli soldier on a (very) temporary jaunt through my then home of San Francisco, he had...

July 18, 2013

There are pros and cons to living in a mixed community.  Wait, let me back up, for those who don't know what I'm referring to. Although in the States a mixed community might mean families from different backgrounds, religions, cultures, speaking different languages -...

July 17, 2013

An Israeli Presidential Conference virgin, I donned my blue dress and prepared for Bill Clinton's address.


Shiny press pass in hand (who knew that bloggers were considered press these days?) and Mac on lap, I braced myself for inspiration and he did not disappoint.  Bi...

June 17, 2013

I'm discovering that there is all kinds of fun to be had at networking events.


In the last few weeks, I have attended two conferences, a tech launch, a "mingle" and a double-session Google Analytics course. There was wine to be had at half of said events.  Clearly, the...

June 11, 2013

So I hardly ever talk politics anymore.  Strange, coming from a midwestern polisci major who had aspirations of being Olivia Pope by age 30.  Truth be told, I was wavering between something like Olivia and something like Diane Keaton in Baby Boom.



May 23, 2013

I will be blogging personally here for the first time, although my ghost blogs can be found on many entrepreneur and small business sites. I can't tell you which ones, because then I'd have to kill you.  


Or stop ghost blogging.  

And ghost blogging pays my mortgage.  


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