April 27, 2015

Considering my previous life in headhunting and corporate human resources (think of a cross between  The Bobs from Office Space and George Clooney in Up in the Air) I get a lot of career counseling calls. I mean, a lot. At least three every week.


Most of thes...

April 24, 2015

Every man for himself day  n.


A day in Working Parent Life when the kids are off, but parents can't possibly tell their clients/bosses that they can't work, since the kids have been off for 8 days, every 2 days. Thus, since both parents are inevitably on deadline,...

April 21, 2015

Facebook, my longtime friend, the one I always stick up for, the one I count on for professional networking, referrals and humor, failed me today.


I have several friends who have abandoned my beloved Facebook, calling him out as a time-waster, a veritable multi-inning...

September 23, 2014

People ask me lots of questions.


Questions about my areas of expertise, generally, just like I ask tech-heads about analytics and numbers people about finance.


My modus operandi is to network with many, connect those who need connecting, and act as a resource wherever...

September 7, 2013

Inspired by Dan Pearce's candor in his recent post "An Open Letter To Ye Who is Always Late" which espouses on chronically tardy (read: disrespectful) people, I have a similar rant:


"Wanna go to the zoo on Wednesday afternoon?"

"Yeah, maybe."

"Um, you want to join us...

June 17, 2013

I'm discovering that there is all kinds of fun to be had at networking events.


In the last few weeks, I have attended two conferences, a tech launch, a "mingle" and a double-session Google Analytics course. There was wine to be had at half of said events.  Clearly, the...

June 16, 2013

Do you need saving?


Would you like to be enlightened?


Convinced there is a better way to live?  


Educated about how much more effective or fulfilling your life could be?


Me neither.


By virtue of attempting to advocate your line of thought - on anything (parenting, reli...

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