Content Marketing


Content marketing is a revolution - it gives small businesses (you) a voice that can rival the biggies. It empowers individuals (again, you) to have a say, make a mark, establish themselves as innovators and thought leaders. 


The content marketing movement lends itself to a sense of efficacy for the entrepreneur, and I've seen it work, made it work, and am proud to employ this tactic to give "the littles" a powerful voice.


Content marketing is basically the act of getting recognized and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. It's a one-two punch combo of copywriting and promoting. In other words...


Create content 

your clients want.

Then promote it 

where your clients are.

We will talk about what you want to say (and if anyone is going to care) and how to say it (your voice, your mission, your call to action.) We'll discuss topic possibilities as well.


For example, if you're a nature photographer attempting to sell your work to urban young singles or dinks, it's unwise to write a photography blog. Although you're going to want to talk aperture and ambient light, the hipsters aren't going to read that. The photography blog space is also packed and therefore very competitive. Together, we'll find a more relevant niche which borders on your speciality but specifically appeals to your market. For example:


  • Home Decor on a Budget

  • Beyond Ikea

  • Getting out of the City Mindset


These are topics which not only occupy a slightly less crowded space, but offer your readers valuable, appealing content which showcase your expertise.