Ghost Blogging


One of the most effective marketing methods today, especially for small business, is blogging. Google respects regular, effective, original content and will rank your website higher (more traffic = more eyes on your site = more business) when you consistently produce quality content. 




"But I'm not a writer."

OK, but I am



I've been ghost blogging for a range of clients for several years in both the B2B and B2C spheres. 


On Mondays, I'm a drowning prevention specialist from Chicago.

Tuesdays are pithy Dutch sales trainer days.

Wednesdays, I'm a Brooklyn-based photographer.

Thursdays I'm an offshore outsourcing guru, and Fridays I vacillate between conference calling firm and retail baron.


And those are only the ones I can tell you about (ghost blogging clients can be sensitive.)


Not sure what topics might of interest to your audience? That's where I come in. Talk to me and we'll work through it together - remember, it's about spinning your area of expertise into something that your target audience wants to consume.