Guest Blogging


Got your regular blog under control? Consistently producing content that your target clients are actually reading and sharing? Congratulations! Now let's kick it up a notch.


Let's face it - Google is smarter than we are. The SEO techie geeks scramble to outsmart the search engines with each update and new version, but time and time again we confirm that legitimate, relevant content which links back to your website is the key to ranking and traffic.

This means one thing to you as a small business owner: you must research, identify and pitch to online outlets your target audience reads. 


You must publish original articles regularly, adding real value to the target publication, for free.

Yep, that's what I said: give it away for free. Yes, this takes time, focus, energy, documentation, persistence and persuasion. Luckily, I offer those things!


Guest blogging is the new PR, and you don't need a whopping budget to do it. You just need someone who has done it before, and loves it. That person is me.