Social Media


Everywhere you look, you're being asked to "like" this and "share" that. Why?


Because it's one of the best ways to get your potential clients to subscribe to your content. A Facebook page "like" means that your updates will be visible in that potential client's newsfeed. The more relevant, quality content that reaches your potential client, the better. Social media is one way in.


Not only do you want your content in front of the right audience, you want to legitimately, genuinely connect with your audience. Social media is an excellent tool for listening, engaging with and responding to your current and prospective clients. I am not a proponent of talking at your audience. Find out what they need, first. Listen to their gripes, frustrations and desires. Then answer them with your unique WIIFM offering, employing a mix of video, photography, blog and article content, memes and humor, all in your voice. Establish relationships online. Answer questions. Give away useful information. This way, you establish yourself as an approachable, trusted authority. Isn't that the person you turn to when you're ready to spend your hard-earned money? So does your audience.

"You must be on social media."


Are the rumors true? Maybe.

Then, you suddenly needed a glossy, double sided tri-color brochure if you wanted to exude legitimacy as a business person.


Enter 2001. Without a website, you were hardly worth a mention. An electronic brochure became everybody's calling card.


By 2010, an engaging, active presence on strategic social media channels pushed websites into the realm of standard, or not-so-impressive. Without a social media presence, you were suddenly nothing.  But for whom does social media really make a difference in business? I'm talking beyond sharing kitler pics, What's the return on investment?


Whether your business requires a social media presence depends on who your audience is, and whether they spend time on social media channels! 

Way back in the 20th century, all you needed to be seen as a legitimate business was your business card. 


"Here's my card... Take my card." 


A little 2"x3" card stock and a snazzy font,  and you were clearly a business.

Are you a local pet grooming operation whose audience is middle-aged poodle owners? Yep, you need a Facebook page. 


Wedding photographer? Instagram and Facebook for sure.


Grassroots political movement? Facebook and Twitter.


Interior design shop? Wanelo, baby.


But what about B2B? Does social media really work for B2B?  Some channels do, but most do not. I know, it's heresy that a social media consultant would steer clients away from my pride and joy. But let's be honest - LinkedIn is the place to be for B2B. CFOs are not searching for their new digital storage solution on Twitter.

Is social media right for you?