Content Marketing


Content marketing is a revolution - it gives small businesses (you) a voice that can rival the biggies. It empowers individuals (again, you) to have a say, make a mark, establish themselves as innovators and thought leaders. 


The content marketing movement lends itself to a sense of efficacy for the entrepreneur, and I've seen it work, made it work, and am proud to employ this tactic to give "the littles" a powerful voice.



Ghost Blogging


One of the most effective marketing methods today, especially for small business, is blogging. Google respects regular, effective, original content and will rank your website higher (more traffic = more eyes on your site = more business) when you consistently produce quality content. 



Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is the new PR, and you don't need a whopping budget to do it. You just need someone who has done it before, and loves it. That person is me.



Social Media


Everywhere you look, you're being asked to "like" this and "share" that. Why?


Because it's one of the best ways to get your potential clients to subscribe to your content. A Facebook page "like" means that it's entirely more likely that your updates will make it to that potential client's newsfeed. The more relevant, quality content that makes it to your potential client, the better. Social media is one of the ways in.





My trademarked SnarkIt™ product revives your content with attitude and drives your audience to stop and read what you have to say. While your target audience may consist of Brooks Brothers wearing middle management, they are people. Make them giggle, or even do a double-take on one of your headlines, and you get read.



Marketing Communications


Your target market wants to know how you are going to make their lives easier, better, more fulfilling, inspired or profitable. And your communications pieces better get to that point fast.