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Stories should empower and humanize.




We're writers.

We create compelling, on-brand marketing content for businesses. 

If we want to get pretentious about it, we’re content marketers. Some people call us copywriters, marketing writers, content strategists, or ghostwriters, but you can learn about what we do, and how we do it, right here.



We're Content Creators.

We produce long form content (over 300 words). Our deliverables run the gamut from B2B SaaS business development collateral to thought leadership pieces about everything from innovation to entrepreneurialism to Zionism, and sometimes, when we’re lucky, how those isms dance together.



We’re Storytellers.

Since we’re storytellers, we cultivate the habit of answering inquiries with either questions or narratives. Narratives won’t do for pricing, so we’re left with questions. In this section, you can find out how we price and what we’ll need to know in order to price your deliverables.


We specialize in long-form content. What does that mean?

Digital Marketing vs. Content

Is HFC a digital marketing agency? Nope.

We could give you a lot of “we don’t do” but we think it would be more helpful to give you an idea of what we “do do.” And if you can read that without thinking about this, we’ll try to temper our humor toward your audience. We’ll do it, but it’s hard.

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Here you’ll find the 20 questions we get asked most often. You can learn whether our aim is to convince or convert, the difference between what we do and technical writing, which materials we need in order to begin your project, and how long content takes to produce.



We are storytellers who often respond to inquiries with narratives. This habit could be called obtuse, but we call it charming. 

This section is really a trial-by-fire introduction to how we speak, see the world, and conduct not only business, but life.


Just in case you’d like to get to know us a bit better - how we think - what we think about - what we value and how we conduct not only business, but life, here’s where you can do that. Be aware, however, that there are no marketing secrets revealed in our blog. Because there are none. Write valuable, consumable (and amusing, if you can) content that your audience wants to devour. It’s no secret.



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Ok, we’ll admit it. Agritech clients are our favorite, and not only because we love technology and happen to find it fascinating. More importantly, some of us are from the Midwest, and some of us grew up in Israel, and what’s a more fitting combo of Zionism, Start-up Nation and Midwestern, corn-fed values? Agritech. But don’t worry - we won’t play favorites. Usually.

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We write a wide range of long form content intended to inform and inspire. Our content must not only illustrate their brand or product’s uniqueness, but also offer genuine value, consumability, and resonance with their target audiences. We write everything from business development content for every stage of the sales funnel to moving, inspirational stories designed to elicit both emotion and action.


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