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What is "Every Man For Himself" Day?

Every man for himself day n.

A day in Working Parent Life when the kids are off, but parents can't possibly tell their clients/bosses that they can't work, since the kids have been off for 8 days, every 2 days. Thus, since both parents are inevitably on deadline, one parent forgets the four year old at preschool. Not "was late to pick up" the four year old. Forgets, until the parents get a call 15 minutes after the place has closed, asking if they intend to retreive their child. Then, upon returning from picking up Child #1 who looks forlorn, children #'s 2 and 3 arrive. One parent begs the other to feed them while the children debate between couscous with vegetables and hot dogs. Oddly, the couscous wins, so one parent chops vegetables while the other attempts to finish a report. Of course, they are all interrupted by the sudden realization (by the one parent who is trying to work) that the (individualized) parent-teacher meeting for Child #2 is at the school. Right. Now. Vegetables are abandoned. Both parents run to the car, screaming at the kids to buckle. After the "you're late" scowl, they have a lovely chat with the teacher, and run home to attempt working again. At home, the kids are hungry since no one has eaten but the vegetables still aren't cooked. They announced "Every Man for Himself Day," tell the children to scrounge and eat whatever they can find in the fridge, go to friends or anywhere else in the neighborhood, and leave them alone so they can work.

Ever declare "Every Man for Himself Day" at your house?

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